OCF-Linux: Hardware

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Currently the OCF-linux framework is running on i386, x86_64, SuperH, Power PC and ARM platforms (little endian and big endian). There are multiple crypto drivers at this point in time. Each driver has been tested on as many hardware platforms as possible. The tested and supported crypto hardware at this point includes:

Hifn 7951
Hifn 7956
SafeXcel 1741
SafeXcel 1142
Freescale SEC
The Talitos driver uses Freescale's SEC for hardware acceleration.
PA Semi
PA Semi PWRficient DMA Crypto Engine.
Intel EP80579
Driver for the Intel QuickAssist enabled EP80579 Integrated Processor Product Line
By using the existing Linux cryptoapi, the cryptodev software driver provides a fallback mechanism when hardare support is not available. It also allows performance gains on SMP systems and can even help on systems with a small cache or memory (all the common crypto code is in one place, and thus smaller and more cache friendly).

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Contact: David McCullough